Safeguarding Your School Post-Lockdown

safeguarding checklist for schools

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On the 8th of March this year, schools across the country will be welcoming children back into the classroom. This article highlights critical security measures for schools to safeguard their premises and protect their students and staff.

The ai security team works with schools across the UK to install and maintain comprehensive security and safety solutions. We know that school is a ‘safe place’ for pupils and staff and should be secure and protected from threats. With our cost-effective, industry-leading security technology, we can help your school manage various safety challenges and obligations.

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CCTV is an essential security feature in schools. Beyond acting as a crime deterrent, they monitor activity 24/7 and protect students and staff. View our full CCTV maintenance checklist here.

Does your school have CCTV? 
Has it been professionally serviced in the past 12 months? 
Are all cameras and cables safe, functional and damage-free? 
Is the recording equipment functioning correctly for all cameras, day and night? 
Are there any areas where coverage is needed especially taking into account changes to the building and to use and flows ? 

2. Security Barriers, Gates and Doors

Security gates and barriers play an important role in controlling who enters and exits a school. They are the first line of security at every access point around the premises.

Are there automatic security barriers, gates or doors on the access points to your school? 
Are there any access points where additional equipment is needed to help adapt to operational changes? 
Are there any automatic security barriers, gates or doors not functioning correctly? 
Is there any damage to fencing, barriers, gates or doors around the school? 
Have the automatic barriers, gates and doors been serviced in the last 6 months? 

3. Fire Alarms

Fires can cause sudden and widespread devastation in a school, causing injury and distress, damaging buildings and destroying assets. At ai security, we can help you to install, repair and maintain fire alarms.

Are the weekly fire alarm tests being completed? 
Is the regular fire alarm maintenance being completed? 
Have the fire extinguishers and blankets been serviced within the last 12 months? 
 Is the fire alarm linked to the intruder alarm so that fire activations can be automatically notified to the monitoring service? 
Are any rooms within the school missing  fire alarm or extinguisher equipment? 
Have there been any changes to the building or the use of the building that need associated fire alarm changes or additional fire extinguishers 

4. Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarms protect a school’s assets from theft and damage. Schools have long periods of no-occupation, including overnight and during holidays. These systems are an essential safety feature and should be regularly maintained.

Does the intruder alarm set correctly when you lock up the building? 
Are any of the detectors in need of repair? 
Has the intruder alarm system been serviced in the last 6 months? 
Are all the intruder alarm cables in their proper position and free from damage? 
Have there been any changes to the building or the use of the building that need associated intruder alarm changes or additions? 
Do the intruder alarms behave as expected when triggered?
  • Sound the siren?
  • Automatically call the site manager?
  • Automatically call the security company?
  • Automatically call the police?

5. Door Access Control

Does your school have restricted areas? Are there teacher-only zones that your school needs to stop students from entering? Do you have an access control system to regulates who can enter the buildings using codes, cards or fobs.

Do all the access controlled doors lock securely? 
Is all the access control equipment, especially the locks, in good condition, securely fixed and not in danger of falling off? 
Are all the access control cables, securely fixed and connected so that they do not preset any danger? 
Do all the access controlled doors release correctly when they are supposed to?
  • With the card/fob to the reader?
  • With a code to the keypad?
  • When the exit button is pressed?
  • When the breakglass is pressed?
DO the doors release according to the programmed time zones? 
Do you think anyone has a card, fob or keycode that they shouldn’t have? 
Are there any rooms in your school that need door access control but don’t have a system installed?  – Contact us for installation. 
Has the access control system been serviced in the last 12 months? 

Security System Installation and Maintenance by ai security

Completing this checklist will help with security, safety and safeguarding at your school. If this checklist has identified any issues, contact ai security for repairs, maintenance or any new installations needed.

Our team installs comprehensive security solutions, including CCTV, door access control systems, security barriers and gates, fire alarms and intruder alarms. With over 30 years of experience and knowledge of the latest technology, we can offer a premium service and a tailored security solution. We also provide maintenance and repairs services to keep your systems operating correctly 24/7.

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