September 11, 2019

CCTV – Saving millions every year

 Experts believe that installing CCTV into every care home across the UK can save the NHS millions of pounds each year. This article in the Express by Giles Sheldrick outlines how… allowing for these funds... Read More
May 31, 2017

The most common CCTV problems we repair

The most common CCTV problems we repair With over 30 years of experience, we at ai security are seasoned experts in all aspects of CCTV repairs. We’ve seen it all – and fixed it. Security... Read More
December 12, 2016

Be winter ready with your security and safety

Winter brings with it shorter days and a greater opportunity for burglars and vandals to conduct their activities under the cover of darkness. Statistics show that the winter months typically see an increase of 20%... Read More