How ai security engineers are the gold standard in air cargo security

How ai security engineers are the gold standard in air cargo security

As part of our commitment to ensuring the very best quality of service to our customers, ai security engineers undergo extensive special security training. One of these many programmes is the specialist Cargo Operatives Warehouse course, which is part of the UK National Air Cargo Security Training Programme (overseen by the Department of Transport) and adheres to both UK and EU aviation industry standards.

Our engineers initially undergo a rigorous screening process (including a Disclosure and Barring check) to verify and ensure they have no undisclosed criminal offences and their capabilities are to an industry standard. Only then do our engineers begin the training programme, where they are tested on their implementation of security controls specifically for air cargo and mail, with additional training for individuals that handle secure cargo.

Upon successful completion of the course, our engineers are awarded their certificate, which enables our engineers to work in warehouses and similar premises without needing to be accompanied. This saves our air transportation clients time and resources, as they can let ai security resolve their security matters without needing to be on-site. The certificate is valid for two years, after which we send our engineers to retake the course, ensuring our engineers are always the leading experts in the field of air cargo security.

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