Introducing InVentry: Visitor Management Software

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Visitor management is an important part of security. It involves recording the usage of your facilities including who enters and exits the building. Useful in a variety of settings, visitor management is a great option for security-conscious companies that want to gain greater control and insight into the movement of people on their premises.

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What is InVentry?

InVentry is a visitor management tool that ensures you can keep track of who is on your site at all times. It comes with a stylish 20-inch touch screen, integrated web cam, badge printing and more. InVentry requires visitors to sign-in to register their arrival, then check-out. It also prints out a personalised badge that easily identifies the visitors.

Features of InVentry

  • Screen

The InVentry system comes with a 20-inch touchscreen. Upon entry, this clear and intuitive screen helps visitors to quickly register.

  • Badge Printing

InVentry has an instant badge printing feature so your visitors can easily identify themselves. For professionalism, you can also customise the appearance of your badges.

  • Visitor Memory

Visitor memory technology allows returning visitors to quickly enter their details for more efficient entry.

  • Webcam

InVentry has an integrated webcam for taking pictures of your visitors for their ID badge.

  • Staff Notifications

Once the visitor checks-in, InVentry notifies the staff member they are visiting via SMS.

What are the security benefits of InVentry?

  1. Enhanced security: The ultimate goal of visitor management is to enhance security and it does so by monitoring and identifying all visitors.
  2. Data compliance: InVentry is a great way to ensure your reception is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations that have been active since 2018.
  3. Improve brand image: A streamlined visitor management system like InVentry is professional and can enhance brand image.
  4. Increase efficiency: InVentry is fast and efficient. There are no complicated steps and staff are not required to facilitate the check-in process.
  5. Integration with emergency systems: InVentry can integrate with access control and emergency systems. This means that during an evacuation, everyone including your visitors can be accounted for.

Where is InVentry useful?

InVentry is useful in a range of settings including schools, businesses, medical facilities like hospitals, care homes, offices and more. It can be installed in any location that has a high volume of visitors.

Visitor management is particularly important in schools as it deals with a safeguarding issue. Schools have a responsibility to protect students and visitor management ensures all visitors are identified and have a valid reason to be in attendance.

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