InVentry: Your New Visitor Management System

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No security system is complete without a comprehensive visitor management program. Knowing exactly who is entering and exiting your building at any given time is vital to maintaining safety and keeping cohesive records of your property usage. Not only does visitor management make it significantly more difficult for unwanted guests to sneak by unnoticed, but it provides valuable insight into the movement of staff and visitors on your premises.

If you’re looking for a succinct software system to give you greater control over your visitor management, InVentry may be the option you’ve been looking for. This tool is built to ensure you keep track of who is on-site at all times, as well as making sure that all visitors are easily identifiable through a printed, personalised badge. The software comes with a 20-inch screen and an integrated camera, equipping you with everything you need to boost your security measures and keep your business, school, hospital, or facility safe.

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Redefining Visitor Management

InVentry isn’t just a singular tool – it is a system that includes a variety of features and different technologies built to provide you with the most comprehensive security measures possible.


The InVentry system includes a 20-inch screen, clear and easy to navigate. As visitors arrive, they are presented with everything they need to quickly register themselves on the touchscreen, which is programmed to make the entire process as seamless as possible.

Badge Printing

InVentry is designed to supply every visitor with a personalised, instantly printed badge for identification. This helps staff to recognise who is registered, and to identify guests as needed. Badge designs are customisable, easily tailored to suit the needs and professionalism of your facility.


As a part of the badge printing process, InVentry supplies you with an integrated webcam to take pictures of your visitors.

Staff Notification

InVentry can be programmed to notify relevant staff when a visitor has arrived, the message delivered directly through SMS.

Visitor Memory

In order to keep systems efficient and as simple as possible, the InVentry system is built to remember visitors. Returning guests are able to enter their details far more quickly, saving unnecessary time being wasted on re-completing the registration process in full.

The Benefits of InVentry

Enhanced Security

Visitor management is more than a smooth registration process. It provides you the confidence that you know precisely who has entered the premises and why, and it guarantees records of daily movement. Through monitoring all visitors, your ongoing security systems will be significantly enhanced, and unwanted guests will be deterred.

Better Efficiency

InVentry is built to be fast, effective, and efficient. Nothing is overcomplicated, and your team is given the luxury of being able to entirely hand over the visitor registration process to a digital system built to run a seamless check-in.

Improved Professionalism

Introducing a streamlined visitor management system gives your facility an endlessly professional image. Having visitors experience a well-structured registration system gives them a positive image of your brand from the very first moment they enter the doors.

Data Compliance

InVentry is built to follow all protocols and guidelines that could easily slip by. If you’re looking to guarantee that your reception is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations, installing a modern system to run the show is the easiest way to do so.

Integration with Pre-Existing Emergency Systems

The InVentry system is able to integrate with the systems and access control of your building, adapting to all your specific needs. In the case of an evacuation, you are able to ensure that everyone (including visitors) is accounted for and is able to exit the building safely.

Where to Install Visitor Management Software?

InVentry is applicable and useful to a wide variety of settings. Anywhere that has a high volume of regular visitors can benefit from InVentry installation. Some of the most common locations that rely on systems like this one include schools, hospitals, and offices.

All schools have a duty to protect their students, and a cohesive visitor management system is one of the best safeguarding choices for faculty. Ensuring that all visitors are identified, recorded, and have a valid reason to be on school grounds deters unwanted incidents from occurring and effectively protects your cohort of students.In order to successfully maintain the safety of staff and patients, as well as record incidents and concerns with the NHS or relevant hospitals, effective visitor management is essential. InVentry can both prevent unauthorised persons accessing a medical facility, as well as provide an efficient check-in system for contact tracing purposes.As more and more workplaces adopt a hybrid working model of both in-office and at-home workdays, it is more important than ever to be absolutely certain that everybody on-site needs to be there. It is abundantly easy for unwanted visitors to slip through the cracks when different staff are rotating through the office daily, so a visitor management system such as InVentry ought to be a staple of security in the modern workplace.

Why Choose InVentry?

InVentry is built to handle all the finer details for you. This system ensures that your staff don’t need to spend any unnecessary time having a hand in visitor registration and identification, allowing their focus to be in more important areas as the InVentry software provides professional and seamless management. Choosing InVentry is making things as simple for your school, hospital, office, or facility as possible – everything you need is included in one installation, and the premises is subsequently set up for reliable protection and ongoing security.

Enquire Now to Learn More About InVentry

Visitor management goes beyond making sure all guests go through a sign-in process. It’s about security, detailed records, easy identification, and a confidence that every single person on your premises is safe and accounted for.

InVentry is effective, professional visitor management made as easy as possible. If you’re curious about whether InVentry could work for you or looking to receive some tailored advice about your current security systems, contact the ai security team today.


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