automated barriers and gates


  • Restrict access
  • Capture data
  • Stop non paying customers
  • Give a professional look
  • Better insurance rates
  • Health and Safety



Gates and barriers are usually the first line of defence in protecting your site and help to prevent unauthorised vehicles and persons from entering your premises. They’re an easy way to improve security in car parks and other spaces at night, and they help to ensure that the property is secure after a person or vehicle has exited the premises. If your site is hazardous, this technology can also help to reduce the risk of harm to the general public. An additional benefit is that disabled people who may have difficulty using manual barriers and gates can easily enter and exit premises where automated systems are installed.


Our highly experienced team will discuss your requirements and recommend a system that is best suited to your specific site, budget and needs. Some of the different types of gates and barriers commonly used for commercial sites are:

Swing or side entry gates, including single and double swing gates
Barrier gates, most commonly used in car parks
Sliding gates, including Track and Cantilever slide gates
Bi-folding Gates
Motorised Shutters
Access Gates using Biometric Readers

If required, we can also install and upgrade security fencing and other physical defence equipment. Automatic gates, doors and barriers can be activated using a variety of methods.

Automated opening sensors can detect people or vehicles and allow instant entry or exit, or manually operated exit can be provided using a button. If greater security is required, the system can be integrated with intercom, CCTV or access control. This allows the barriers to be activated by fobs or card readers, or you can even install GSM activation which allow access to be automatically granted simply by ringing from an authorised phone.


Installing gates or barriers to the entrance of your property can have several benefits including:

Restrict access
Restricting vehicle access into your property

Capture data
On traffic going into and out of your property data can be collecting including timings of people and vehicles entering and leaving your premises; footfall and traffic numbers on specific days or events; staff behaviour and much more.

Stop non paying customers
In the case of paid parking premises like cinemas, airports, shopping malls and parking lots, barriers can deny access to those who have not paid for their parking.

Give a professional look
From and aesthetic point of view, gates and barriers also give your business a more professional and secure appearance.

Better insurance rates
Lowers insurance rates. Many insurance companies will willingly offer discounts for enhanced perimeter protection.

Health and Safety
Installing gates and barriers prevents both people and traffic from entering areas that may house hazardous materials, dangerous equipment or other risks.

Installing gates and barriers have several benefits for commercial properties and should be one of the first areas to assess when planning your security especially if your property extends over large area.


When installing automatic gates or barriers think about the following:

  • Opening size of the gate will be a determining factor in type of gate
  • Availability of space on either side of the gate
  • Speed of opening and closing of gate required
  • Weather conditions -extreme hot or cold temperatures, high winds, or heavy snow or ice will determine the type of gate
  • Availability and cost of electrical power

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