The Future of Security: Facial Recognition & Temperature Controlled Access Control

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The pandemic has changed the way we work. The traditional 9 to 5 workday has largely shifted to a blended approach with people splitting their time between home and the office. While these flexible arrangements are beneficial for staff and their employers, it has presented new security challenges. For example, will the new changes make it easier for unauthorised people to enter certain offices undetected due to an expectation that there’s different faces coming and going every day? And how do you monitor access safely and affordably while balancing health and safety protocols?

Dahua Temperature Monitoring Access Control is the latest in integrated facial recognition and temperature monitoring technology. These advanced systems allow businesses to seamlessly monitor access control and complete necessary temperature checks. The flexible options are suited to businesses of all types and sizes, and the technology is available to consumers now.

The technology works by simultaneously identifying the person with advanced facial recognition and measuring their temperature. If they are an authorised person with a temperature in normal range, they will be granted access. If they have an abnormal temperature, this will activate an alarm. The technology is a contactless solution, reducing the risk of transmission of diseases like Covid-19. It also requires no additional staff to operate, meaning you can save costs while providing a 24/7 solution.

Benefits of Facial Recognition

Contactless: This technology is a contactless solution, thereby reducing the risk of cross infection.

High Accuracy: The temperature monitoring technology is incredibly accurate, generating measurements ±0.3°C!

Fast Response: Generate near instantaneous results with facial recognition in just 0.2 seconds, and temperature monitoring in 0.2 seconds.

User-Friendly: The technology is easy to install and simple to use, meaning you won’t have delays caused by user confusion or prolonged installation.

Highly Compatible: The Dahua facial recognition/temperature monitoring can easily integrate with other third-party products to ensure your security is seamless and comprehensive.

Other Features: Beyond the benefits mentioned above, the Dahua technology is stylish, streamlined, and packed with features, including:

  • An advanced WDR camera
  • Anti-glare interference
  • A 2.5D curved screen
  • Liveness detection
  • And a large capacity

Applications and Installation of Facial Recognition

The Dahua Facial Recognition/ Temperature Monitoring technology is beneficial in numerous settings, including residential, offices, education, and manufacturing.

There are multiple ways to install the Dahua technology, including wall mounts, stand mounting, turnstile integrated mounting, and 3rd party turnstile mounting.

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