Analogue vs Digital CCTV: Is it Time to Upgrade Your School CCTV System?

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If you’ve had a CCTV system in your school or business for more than 5-10 years, your system is probably outdated. As we all know, technology advances and develops at an incredible rate, and new technology is constantly pushing the limits of what we thought was possible. CCTV technology is no different. Now is the time to upgrade from analogue to digital.

This article compares analogue and digital CCTV systems, showing school and business owners why it’s time to upgrade. For tailored information and advice, contact the ai security team today.

Updates in CCTV Technology: Analogue vs Digital

There are differences in the way analogue and digital CCTV cameras collect and record their data. Analogue cameras record images which must be converted to digital format. In order to view the video captured by analogue cameras, the DVR must be connected to a router or monitor. To be viewed remotely, it must be broadcast through an internal network.

Digital CCTV on the other hand has no conversion process as the video is recorded in digital format. This footage can be viewed remotely.

Analogue systems are now known as an outdated form of camera security. Now is the time to upgrade to a digital system.

Benefits of Digital CCTV Cameras

  • Resolution and Image Quality

The best analogue systems cannot deliver the image quality of a digital camera. Better image quality makes it easier to identify details such as license plates and intruders.

  • Reduces Wiring

Digital cameras do not require the level of wiring that is necessary for analogue systems. The installation of digital systems is more straightforward and efficient than analogue.

  • Reliable and Secure

Most digital CCTV systems have built-in encryption, preventing unauthorised access to your video recordings. The data is typically backed-up too, ensuring your data is safe if a hard-drive fails. Digital CCTV also has longer archives meaning you can store your footage for longer.

  • Greater Coverage and Night Vision

Digital CCTV cameras deliver greater coverage than analogue cameras. The digital technology can zoom and provide clear images. Moreover, most digital CCTV systems can provide night images; some analogue CCTV systems cannot capture night vision at all.

  • Smart Search Capability

Smart Search is a feature in digital CCTV that allows the owner to setup specific motion sensor detection.

A Note for School Owners

These days, schools are open for longer hours and 24/7 CCTV is an important part of security monitoring and school safety. Now is the time to upgrade your CCTV to a digital system to ensure you record clear images on a secure and reliable system at all times.

School holidays are fast approaching. This is the perfect time to complete re-cable and security installation work while there are no students on the premises. A pupil-free school allows for faster, safer and more efficienct installation.

Is it time to upgrade your CCTV? Find out by using our free checklist!

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