Your Essential CCTV Maintenance Checklist

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In the upcoming weeks, businesses across the country will recommence face-to-face operations as the UK comes out of lockdown restrictions. After a long break period, it is essential to ensure that the safety and security equipment at your premises is running correctly- this includes checking your CCTV.

This article includes a CCTV checklist to maintain your equipment and keep your people, assets and building safe. A few simple checks can save you time and money later on if the system becomes defective.

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Why perform CCTV maintenance?

CCTV equipment should be regularly maintained and serviced to function optimally; for example, you may be able to see the camera video on the screen, but do you know it’s being recorded or for how long? As well as checking for problems with your equipment, it is also important to identify blind spots and possible areas of weakness within your overall security system- this becomes more relevant when you have changed the operational use and flows at the site.

How often should you check your CCTV system?

While every system’s requirements are unique, we recommend checking your CCTV at least once a month and having professional maintenance annually. These checks are integral to keeping the system operating when you need it most.

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The CCTV Checklist

Is the lens adjusted to the correct direction and view? 
Is the lens clean and clear from dust /insects/ spiders? 
Is the camera clear and properly focussed? 
Is the camera providing clear night-time video images? 
Are there plants or objects obstructing the view? 
Are the monitors displaying a clear picture? 
Is the equipment clean and free from dust? 
Are the time and date displayed correctly? 
Are all the cameras recording? 
How long do the cameras record? 
Is there a problem with any of the camera fixings? 
Are there any loose or damaged wires? 
Has my system been professionally checked in the last 12 months? 

What to do if you have any problems?

Below are some simple ideas to help you resolve CCTV issues. While they may seem simple, many clients report that a simple reset fixes their issue and avoids a professional call-out fee.

Problem Try This 
Nothing displayed on the monitor Is it switched on?
 Is it plugged into a wall socket that is switched on?
 Does anything else work if plugged into the socket?
 Is the CCTV recorder on?
 Have any cables been moved between the monitor and the CCTV recorder?
Problem Try This 
A camera not showing on a working monitor Look to see if the camera is still located where you expect it.
 Is there any sign of damage to the camera, including the cables?
 Are there any electrical circuits that are switched off that could cause this problem?
 Has the recorder programming been changed on purpose so that the camera is not displayed?
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Security Systems and CCTV Maintenance by ai security

If your CCTV system problem cannot be resolved, you can call our experienced team at ai security. We offer maintenance and repairs to all businesses and schools, helping them to keep their premises safe.

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Our team installs comprehensive security solutions, including CCTV, door access control systems, security barriers and gates, fire alarms and intruder alarms. With over 30 years of experience and knowledge of the latest technology, we can offer a premium service and a tailored security solution.

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Work with our team for an unrivalled customer service experience and a tailored security solution. We work with businesses and schools across the UK and can assist with all aspects of CCTV installation, repair and maintenance.

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Install Security Measures

Contact the
ai security team

Contact the
ai security team

If this article has raised any questions about the safety or security of your small business, now is the time to act. Call ai security today to learn more about CCTV, access control, fire alarms, security barriers and gates, and more.

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