• A visible deterrent
  • Tracking Source
  • Active 24-7
  • Historial backup
  • Pinpoint known trouble areas



A well-designed CCTV system offers a range of benefits. Carefully positioned, it can deter criminals, vandals and other unwanted intruders from entering your premises. Meanwhile, high-quality recorded images mean you’ll be able to review any historical incidents and check activities in front of the cameras. You will also have an excellent resource for prosecution evidence should you need it.

If needed you can monitor your site by accessing the cameras live, this may be on your computer, on your phone or by a remote third party via the internet so you could monitor from your home, laptop, control centre, or any other location in the world.

ai security is a leading provider of CCTV systems and installation services across London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Surrey and Kent.

We offer customers the very latest digital technology. Choose from fixed view high definition cameras that allow you to digitally zoom in on live and recorded video; multi-functional 360° rotating cameras that can turn and zoom in under your control, cameras that see at night with their on board infra-red lighting. There’s also the option to build in infra-red motion detection or other triggers to turn cameras on and notify a CCTV monitoring centre where appropriate.

We will install a Digital Video Recorder (DVR), to provide the recording. (This is sometimes also known as a network video recorder (NVR)) This device automatically archives high resolution digital video and enables you to download to disk or USB stick. With this technology, there’s no need for a daily tape change or any other admin as the CCTV footage is automatically overwritten when the disk is full or after your specified retention period has been reached.

You can review recordings locally on a CCTV monitor, through your office network, using broadband, a remote computer, via your chosen monitoring centre, or even your own Apple or Android mobile device.


  • Visible CCTV systems act as a deterrent to crimes and malpractices from both within the organization and from external criminals, burglars and vandals.
  • Should any criminal activity occur, CCTV Systems are an invaluable resource to assist in tracking criminals down.
  • As CCTV is on at all time, the system can be monitored constantly, or at sensitive times so that any unauthorised activity can be identified and responded to. If necessary, an alarm can be immediately activated and the relevant authorities notified.
  • CCTV systems maintain records so you can go back to an event or activity after a period-of-time to view exactly what occurred.
  • CCTV can be installed in as many or as few areas as needed and be positioned to capture images from the most high-risk areas.


  • Dome cameras can be used inside or outside the property. Named after their shape, these cameras are inconspicuous and used where there is a need for some level of discretion yet be visible. It is difficult to determine where exactly the camera is facing making it a perfect deterrent.  Dome cameras can be either fixed view or motorized to let you control the view remotely. Motorised cameras are also known as “PTZ” which stands for Pan Tilt and Zoom.
  • Bullet cameras are cylindrical or box shaped and can also be used inside or outside the property. They are generally waterproof, therefore ideal for outdoor use and capture images from a fixed location as they don’t usually have the pan and zoom functionality. It is clear what direction they are facing and so act as a deterrent when protecting valuable assets
  • Day / Night Cameras can capture good quality images even in poorly lit conditions and are ideal for the outdoors and areas where lighting is poor. They normally have their own on-board infra red lamps to provide night vision. All camera styles can be supplied with Day / Night capability.
  • Network and IP Systems all modern systems can transmit images through the company network or Internet system. These are convenient as they do not require the installation of a separate infrastructure cables for image transmission. Legacy analogue cameras can also be adapted to exploit these networks, we will install some interface equipment to enable this function so that cables to the cameras do not have to be renewed.
  • Wireless Systems as the name suggests, are wireless and therefore, in most cases, are IP based and like the Network systems do not require complicated installation procedures.
  • High Definition Cameras all modern systems support high definition cameras, where legacy systems include standard definition cameras these can be upgraded to HD one by one to target your investment at the most sensitive locations.

The ai security team can install all the above-mentioned systems. Our experienced designers assess your requirements and recommend the most suitable equipment for your premises. Our expert CCTV installation experts then ensure a seamless integration. Speak to the team today about your requirements.

*Please Note: CCTV can be seen as intrusive, so it’s important to ensure that your system respects the Data Protection Act and that the footage is used responsibly and kept securely. For further information, ask our team or visit the Information Commissioner’s Office Website.

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