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What first comes to mind when considering the benefits of CCTV? Most people would say that it offers 24/7 surveillance. The second most common answer is that CCTV provides evidence of a crime through recordings. But one of the benefits that people often don’t realise is that CCTV is an excellent deterrent of criminal and antisocial behaviour.

In this case study, we highlight how CCTV can act as an excellent deterrent.
We highlight a particular project which occurred at a block of residential flats.


The manager of a block of residential flats approached us after they were experiencing issues with drug use in the porch section of the block. The occurrence was a health hazard and a source of frustration for residents, as well as people passing by. The manager’s goal was to reduce drug use in the porch section as well as the entire area surrounding the flats.


We visited the client on-site to carry out a comprehensive site survey. This is something we complete for all clients when they’re considering installing a major security system. It allows us to identify the best security solution, take important measurements and notes about the premises, and prepare for the installation process so that it occurs seamlessly. In this case, we analysed the building, the problem, and presented a 24/7 solution- the installation of a basic CCTV system. 

We installed an internal camera viewing the entrance screen. The installation also included cameras that overlooked the entrance, bin section, and car park to deter drug use in a different area of the building.

A router with a cell phone sim card was installed, meaning footage could be accessed remotely. No broadband router needed to be installed with their system. The remote viewing system allows the manager or other relevant persons to view the footage without having to attend the site.


The installation of the CCTV system had a positive effect. It reduced drug activity in the porch and allowed for advanced 24/7 surveillance, thereby increasing safety and security. It also allowed them to gather footage to identify patterns and other issues surrounding the building.


  • CCTV acted as a deterrent, reducing the prevalence of drug use near the building.
  • The CCTV system utilised a sim card, allowing for remote access and viewing.
  • The system added 24/7 surveillance and recording, increasing the security of the building.
  • The system, while basic and affordable, had a significant impact for the client.
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