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Don't take security for granted; be alert...24/7

Don't take security for granted; be alert...24/7

Break-ins, theft and vandalism can result in loss of goods, equipment and damage to property. This can disrupt businesses and homes, and affect the confidence of those who work or live on a site. Intruder alarms help to protect property 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, by deterring intruders, triggering an alarm locally and even setting off a visual warning such as flashing lights.

We use the very best technology to help minimise false alarms: from vibration, lighting and acoustic detectors to magnetic reed contacts which detect compromised windows and doors.

A range of monitoring technology is also available, such as digital landlines or wireless and BT Redcare. And should these channels be unavailable for any reason, GSM communications (which work via a mobile phone network) can be configured as a back-up.

Alarm systems can be both wired and wireless, with more and more organisations choosing wireless systems both from and aesthetic point of view, minimum disruption and ease of installation and flexibility.

We can also set up your system to automatically inform an approved alarm receiving centre if security is breached. In turn, the centre will alert the police or contact an assigned person such as a key holder, third party security firm or monitoring centre.

Types of Alarms

Based on EU standards for intruder alarms (EN50131), all businesses have to conform to specific grading that determines the level of protection and type of equipment used.

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Grade 1

This is the lowest grade alarm system, suitable for an area of extremely low risk. For commercial premises this grade is rarely ever recommended.

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Grade 2

These are higher level systems and hare recommended mostly for households or very small commercial premises. The assumption with this type of system is that the intruder has some knowledge of alarms and disarming them.

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Grade 3

Grade 3 systems are more advanced than grade 2 systems, with detectors using anti-mask technology to prevent them from being covered and inhibiting normal operation. This grade is mainly used for commercial premises that have a medium to high risk of being burgled.

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Grade 4

This is the highest level of alarm system available and works under the assumption that the intruder has sophisticated knowledge of alarm systems. These are only recommended for extremely high security premises as they are expensive and complex.


Deterrent to potential intruders

Intruder alarms that are visible deter potential thefts and security breaches from occurring.

Intruder disturbance

If an intruder does manage to get through initial security measures, sensors set up near high value or important areas will get triggered resulting in intruders being disrupted. It is likely that they will leave whatever they have come to steal and make a run for it.

Reduced insurance costs

Insurance companies offer discounts on premiums to insure properties that have the tightest of security measures. Adding intruder alarms can therefore reduce your company’s insurance bills. All our systems are NSI Insurance Approved.

24/7 monitoring

Intruder alarms are pre-set and activated at all times allowing for round- the-clock monitoring. Any breach will instantly trigger an alarm and notify the relevant people.

Fire alarms can detect the exact location of fire breakouts

Addressable and wireless systems pinpoint the exact location of the fire allowing for minimal wastage of time.

Wireless systems

Wireless systems have the capacity to add on functionalities to detect smoke, gas leaks or flooding which have a very high sensitivity to these elements, instantly triggering the alarm.

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